I grew up in Cazenovia then moved to southern California to attend college. Though I wasn’t an art major,I was immediately drawn to abstract art after seeing the paintings of Jackson Pollock in an art history class I took. His free form style was intriguing to me.
My initial experience in serious art was designing and building granite/marble mosaic table tops. Having the freedom to arrange the pieces in any order I liked appealed to me. I was free to create any type of design I wanted. This led to a kind of “abstract expressionism” of it’s own. I found a market for them in the desert area of Palm Springs, where I was living at the time. After moving back to central New York, I made the decision to begin painting as a way expressing my “visions” in an abstract style.
I have no formal art training,though I did take a number of art courses in college. I also spent 5 years in the lighting business, including art gallery lighting in several new and established galleries in Palm Desert,California. I learned the importance of lighting when displaying art. Sometimes I will see a photograph or something in my life that inspires me to paint,but only in an abstract way. I basically, paint what I see in my mind at the time and I continue to work on a piece until I’m happy with it. Often,I will work on several pieces at a time. That way I can go from one to the other, as each piece is drying. I prefer to work with acrylic paints because they dry faster. Also, this way, I’m able to continue painting for several hours at a time.

I enjoy sculpting in various mediums, but at the moment my efforts are focused on acrylic on canvas.